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Todo Turismo bus round trip tickets from  La Paz to Uyuni  and return from Uyuni To La Paz. The bus includes onboard heating, toilet, reclinable seats (semicama and cama options) and english speaking assistance onboard. You also recieve a small meal and drinks during the journey.

The bus departs at 21.00 (9PM) from La Paz to Uyuni and at 20.00 (8PM) form Uyuni to La Paz everyday. Buses are usually full several days in advance - so you should give as much notice as possible to have the best chance of getting a seat on this bus. 

NOTE - Not available for departures in either direction on 4th or 5th March due to Carnival

If you dont need round trips and want to book just one way :



Todo Turismo round trip bus from La Paz to Uyuni and from Uyuni to La Paz.

It is possible to take this bus and start your Uyuni salt flats tour the same morning you arrive - the bus normally gets in at around 7.30, and tours start at around 10.00 - 11.00am. You can also catch the return bus from Uyuni to La Paz after your Salar tour finishs as tours finish around 6pmin Uyuni and the bus from Uyuni leaves at 8pm.

There are daily departures for both routes and Semi Cama seating is available on all buses. Cama seating is only available on some days.

There is heating, a toilet, comfortable seating and an attendant service on board. A light meal and refreshments are also included.

 During busy periods this bus can be booked up 7 days or more in advance - plan ahead to avoid disappointment!

Salt Flats Tours

Dont forget also that we arrange Salt Flats Tours with the best operators at the same price as booking direct. You can save money though by booking one of our discounted bundles that includes round trip Todo Turismo buses and a 3 Day Tour - these are the cheapest way to get these combinations anywhere.

Todo Turismo & Red Planet Bundle

Todo Turismo & Perla de Bolivia  Bundle


  • Transport La Paz to Uyuni & Uyuni to La Paz 
  • Toilet on board
  • Movies
  • Heating
  • Reclinable seating (half-reclining/semicama or full-reclining/cama depending on availability)
  • Meals and drinks
  • Blanket
  • Attendant
  • Oxygen bottle and first aid on board for emergencies
  • Pickup from hotel - you must go to the Todo Turismo office (details provided upon booking)

  • Please try to give as much notice as possible when booking as the buses fill up in advance as they are the most popular option.
  • The La Paz to Uyuni bus leaves daily at 21.00.  Salt flats tours usually start around 10.30 am so there is plenty of time to get this bus from La Paz and start a tour in the morning.
  • The Uyuni to La Paz  bus leaves daily at 20.00.  Salt flats tours usually finish and return to Uyuni around 18.00 (6pm) so there is plenty of time to get this bus back to La Paz. The arrival time in La Paz can vary but is usually around 6.30am to 7.30am but can be effected by traffic, weather or other outside influences like social protests.
  • Seating - Todo Turismo have two different types of buses: a bus that only has half-reclining/semicama seats and another one that is a double-decker with cama seats on the first level and semicama seats on the second. At the moment the double-decker is scheduled to leave only every other day, not daily. We give you the possibility to choose the cama service but we will only be able to confirm it if it is leaving on your date. In case the cama service is not available (might also be booked up), we can either just book the semicama for you and refund you the difference, or you can also decide to change dates/plans (please specify below).
  • What if the bus is completely full for the date you want? In this case, we are offering you three different options: 1. A full refund - 2. You can reschedule your trip (we will decide together with you via email what to do - we would have to re-check availability for the new date you will supply before confirming it though) - 3. We can book you on a Panasur bus leaving daily at 19.00 from the main bus terminal in La Paz (full-reclining seats, toilet and heating but no food nor assistance), and then refund you the price difference (Panasur cama bus is 30$ per person).
  • We are a ticketing agent for this bus and we are not responsible if the bus company decide to cancel a departure or if there are problems with the bus itself. Refunds will be given in line with our refunds policy. Please see a more detailed explanation of bus bookings HERE.
  • Luggage - Todo Turismo allow a maximum of 20 kg luggage per person.
  • How are seats assigned? We will assign your seats depending on availability. This means that if you are travelling as a couple, we will definitely try to assign you to two seats next to each other - we manage to do that most of the times. Just, it might happen that the bus has only two spots left and they are not together - in that case we will still book you on those unless you explicitly specify in the Further Details section below that you do not want to travel in separate seats. Please let us know if that's the case. Also, you may request seats in a certain area (such as front or back row for example) and we will request this and try to meet your needs but cannot guarantee this. If you make a request for certain seats and only want those seats then you must specify this in the Further Details section otherwise we will assign whichever seats are available.
  • Important - These buses do not depart on December 24th, December 25th, December 31st and January 1st. Please do not book for these dates.

We are an official ticketing agency for Todo Turismo (selling at exactly the same price) so we have to comply with their cancellation policy.

  • Any cancellations done with more than 48 hours notice are possible  but with a 5$ penalty for each ticket/route (Todo Turismo keep 5$ and we refund you the rest).
  • Any changes of dates done with more than 48 hours notice are possible with a 5$ penalty for each ticket/route (we will send you a special link for this extra payment - we will do the change only after we get this extra payment) - please note that we will be able to move your booking only if there is availability for the new date you are asking for and you pay for the change in time for us to do this.
  • Any changes of route done with a more than 48 hours notice are possible with a 5$ penalty (we will send you a special link for this extra payment - we will do the change only after we get this extra payment).
  • None of the above changes are possible with less than 48 hours notice, in this case there would be no refunds. Please note that we can only process changes and cancellations during office hours (Kanoo office hours and Todo Turismo office hours), so please try to give us as much notice as possible. 
    For example you might e-mail us asking for a change with more than 48 hours notice but we might not be able to process it on time (we work limited hours during weekends, holidays etc.) - we strongly advise our custumers to always give us more than the 48 hours notice - at least 24 hours more. For example, if you email us at 18.00 Bolivian time on a Saturday we will not process this until Monday 10.00 am when we open as our office closes at 17.00 on a Saturday and is closed Sundays. The notice period will be calculated from 10.00 am Monday morning.

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