At KanooTours.com we work with the best operators, transport companies, guides and drivers that we can find. We don’t want to cut corners to enter into “who can be the cheapest” prices wars as this always compromises on quality and safety. We offer budget level options but choose to work with the best of the budget operators and for the majority of our tours it is exactly the same price to book with us as it is to book directly with the operator. We believe this is the best policy for finding a good balance between price and service. Travelers who try to save that extra few dollars to get the rock bottom price are invariably disappointed. Some of the quality partners that we are official authorized agents for:

N. B. – We sell at exactly the same price as all the operators listed below.

Gravity Assisted Mountain Biking - The best and safest mountain biking operator in South America and the inventor of the World’s Most Dangerous Road ride. We work with Gravity because they are the only company that has guides that are properly trained in rescue and emergency techniques, have full safety equipment and maintain their quality mountain bikes with original parts and regular servicing. All this plus lots of great extras and fun packed tours. We are the number one agent for Gravity Assisted Mountain Biking Tours and have a full range of sample equipment in our offices.

Barracuda Biking Company – We are the official partner agency of Barracuda and we use "BBC" for our budget level World's Most Dangerous Road biking tours. Whilst a cheaper and more basic option than Gravity, they still have properly trained guides, well maintained equipment and are the next best option after Gravity if your on a tight budget.

Todo Turismo – Operates the only tourist bus on the route from La Paz to Uyuni and back.Very popular option that is often booked up a week or more in advance during periods. The service level is more professional than the local bus companies and the bus will not make stops to pick up extra people roadside making it more secure. On board attendant, small meals and drinks, breathalysed drivers and excellent safety record make this the best road transport option. We are the number one agent for tickets sales for this option.

Mashaquipe – A very popular eco-certified Pampas and Jungle operator that consistenly gets good reviews.

Chalalan Ecolodge – is an awards-winning ecolodge that was setup in conjunction with Conservation International. This is a not a budget option but is popular for people wanting to treat themselves to the best way to see Madidi National Park. We are official agents for Chalalan and one of their top sales agents.

Bala Tours – Operates tours in both the Pampas and the Jungle (Madidi National Park). These tours are ecologically sound and of a higher quality than the budget operators. We are the number one official Bala Tours agent.

San Miguel del Bala – This is a community-run project and ecolodge that has recently been assisted by Solimar International with funding from USAID. The project has helped them improve their infrastructure.

Red Planet Expeditions – Are the number one salt flats tours operator in Uyuni and offer the safest and most reliable tours. Their tours fill up fast so need to be booked in advance so booking online through us is the best way of getting on a tour with them.

Banjo Tours - A locally owned and run operator in La Paz that offers a variety of unique and interesting tours allowing the visitor an authentically Bolivian experience including some fantastic off the beaten track options. Apart from operating interesting tours around La Paz , they run tours to/in Sajama and Uyuni. These tours are of a higher quality than the budget operators and also offer to alternatives routes, We are also official agents for the following airlines: -

Amaszonas – Is the number one airline for flights to Rurrenabaque offering 3 to 5 flights daily. -

TAM – Offer flights to various destinations around the country.