This is the latest must do activity in Peru : 

The Rainbow Mountain Tour from Cusco !

One of the most popular day trips in Peru , this adventurous hike up the multi colored mountain Vinicunca in the Andean countryside.

The day treks leave early in the morning (around 4 or 5am) and involve some strenuous walking at altitude so can be good for conditioning for your Inca Tail or other Machu Picchu treks. 

Most day tours return to Cusco at around 19.00 in the evening.

How High is the Rainbow Mountain?

Vinicunca, the official name for the mountain is 5200 meters (17060 feet) in altitude so most people will find it a a bit hard work climbing to the top - nice and slow is the best way.

Where is Rainbow Mountain Exactly?

The mountain is part of the Willkanuta Mountain Range and is about a 3 to 4  hour drive away from Cusco. 

Another famous mountain called Ausangate is also nearby and the two can be combined in a 2 day trek.

Why Does the Mountain Have So Many Colors?

The colors in the mountain come from layers of mineral deposits that formed over thousands of years and have been exposed by erosion

The best tours are often the hardest work and you will find the early morning pickup worth it but for those that love hiking the 2 day trekking option to Rainbow Mountain & Ausangate is a fantastic choice if you have time.

All our tours have English speaking guides and regular departures - take your pick from these recommended activities

Rainbow Mountain Tours

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  • Rainbow Mountain & Machu Picchu by Train - 3 Days

    Book the Rainbow Mountain and the Machu Picchu 2-day tour by train at the best deal price on the internet! Flexible dates and daily departures. Entrance fees are also included in the price. Don't miss out.

    Regular Price: $355.00

    Special Price $340.00

  • Rainbow Mountain Day Tour (Budget) - Cusco - Peru

    Rainbow Mountain Day Tour (Vinicunca) to see the incredible colored striped mountains near Cusco. Daily departures  leaving early AM with plenty of time to arrive at the mountain.

    Includes English speaking guide and Oxygen Tank for emergencies

    Treking Rainbow Mountain offers a great chance to see this incredible wonder and experience the Andean countryside

    Lots of great opportunties for those classic Rainbow Mountain photos!

  • Rainbow Mountain & Ausangate 2-Day Trek

    This is a truly great option for all trekking aficionados. The stunning scenarios of the Ausangate massif and the Rainbow Mountain/Vinicunca are among the best landscapes the Peruvian Andes offer. If you want more than the popular and best-selling Rainbow Mountain day trip, then this is the trek that you are looking for: an adventure you will never forget.